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What's your planet? 

Check our Planet site to buy and reveal your very own Arcade Galaxy Planets! You can also visit Kalao for the secondary market. 

Meet Cubs

Cubs are fully customizable NFT creatures. They are half-cube and half-animal with full throttle. Once the players are ready for the challenges, they can take their trusted Cubs to the tournament for prizes.

Play and Earn

Arcade Galaxy is a play-and-earn arcade world where players can design, play, and earn rewards.

Endless Competition

Players compete with each other in rounds of different challenges for the grand prize. These challenges could range from Grand Prix, Capture the flag, and Battle Royale.

Your Own Rule

Our builder features allow game design enthusiasts to create and monetize their own designs. Players are able to publish their own designs into ARCADE GALAXY for other players to experience.


Lead Blockchain Developer


Lead Game Developer


Project Manager


VP of Marketing

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Welcome to Arcade Galaxy

A race of creatures known as Cubs. After millennia of wandering across the universe, they reached the Arcade Galaxy, a realm of magic and play, where each planet is home to games and trials of speed and skill.


You must guide them in their unending quest for conquest, riches and glory, as you progress stage by stage to found your own galactic empire. To the victor go the spoils!

Check out our first trailer! 

First play-and-earn arcade on

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